There are also medilight care courses for raising your own nails, green nail care, and chewing habits

Hello everyone.

5 minutes walk from Shin-Osaka Subway Midosuji Linenailsalon coo"is!

Last time I introduced what a green nail is.

When you hear green nails, you might have an image like filthy ...

It's a fungus that everyone has, so it can happen to anyone.

Let's take measures to prevent it from becoming a problem.


◎ Green nail measures left to nail salon coo in Shin-Osaka


<For green nail measures,MedilightHas been introduced>

A doctor called "Medilight" was involved in the development,

We have introduced an LED light that can remove Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the cause of green nails.

Until now, if it became a green nail, you could not do nails,

By applying a special liquid and irradiating Medilight, 99% sterilization is possible.

For those who have already become green nails,

It is also effective as a prevention for those who are not.

Also promotes the reincarnation of nail cells and repairs tissue

By using nail repair liquid together, it can play the role of "growing nail".

It can also be used to care for deep nails and thinned nails.


★ Medite nail care
★ Medicite Gel


Coupons for these courses are also available,

If you are interested in Medilight, please check it out.

Enjoyable fashion with healthy nails! Please visit Nail Salon Coo in Shin-Osaka.


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Medilight is also introduced for green nail measures! Shin Osaka nail salon coo

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